Claire Wins:

Claire wins at Ontario Breeders!

February 20, 2011

French Bulldog wins at Ontario Breeders  Kelben Claire de Lune wins her class  at Ontario Breeders Show.

Claire Wins!

Claire wins at Markham

February 18, 2011

French Bulldog wins  Kelben Claire de Lune wins Best of Winners and Best of Opposite at Markham show.

Bruno Wins!

Bruno wins CKC Championship


French Bulldog wins Championship  Bruno wins Best of Breed and Best Puppy in Show and finishes his Canadian Championship.

Gracie Wins!

Grace wins at Brantford


French Bulldog wins at Brantford  Gracie wins at Brantford Show.

Claire  Wins!

Claire  wins at Orangeville


French Bulldog wins  Claire wins Best of Winners and Best of Opposite at Orangeville.



In July 2012 we lost our dear Grace in a tragic highway accident. Gracie was born in September of 2005 and she left us way too early. She was the foundation of our kennel and gave us three beautiful daughters, Connie, Georgia and Claire who went on to become a Canadian Champion.

Gracie was a smart little frenchie - very smart, lovable and full of character. From the outset, as a little puppy she loved to play in the snow. She would pester our German Shepherd "Ike" - luckily for her Ike loved little puppies.
She had many battles with "Spence" our male Siamese cat. She didn't win even one battle but that didn't stop her from trying.

She loved to sit in the bay window at Walker Lake and watch all the nature that Muskoka had to offer. She would bask for hours in the sun down at the dock. She would supervise all the goings on and warn any intruders to "get off her lake." Gracie was a deep thinker - at times she would be lost in her thoughts and I would wonder sometimes if she was a philosopher at heart. Gracie was our quiet assertive pack leader. She would observe her puppies playing from a distance and when she decided to join in, all hell would break loose. She was a straight faced comedienne, a real clown sitting like a "frog dog" asleep with a Qtip in her mouth. She was best friends with our boy Bruno - they never squabbled. 

Gracie wanted to do whatever we were doing, always willing to go anywhere you wanted to go whether it be a car ride or a ride on the boat. And you could always tell when it was cold outside because she would be buried deep under the bedcovers and not move until the sun came up. I sometimes wondered if she would smother under there but she would just peek her little frenchie nose out when it became too hot. 

Gracie was a pretty frenchie. She won 3 points at her very first show but she hated the shows so we didn't take her any more. 

Words aren't coming very easily as I write this. I can't really capture all that Gracie was. There is a big hole in my heart now that Gracie is gone.

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